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What have you bought your girlfriend for Christmas? The only way I can eat oatmeal is with a lot of sugar. Jess is going to be here for three weeks. My brother told me that she was very beautiful, but I didn't think she would be that beautiful. No one knows you're here. Although we may want to be international, we all have our limits.

Here's what really happened.

I think of him as a promising journalist.

Without your advice, I would have been robbed of my bag. I have nothing to say in this regard. If you sift through barrels of dirt, you may eventually find a flake of gold. Space's mother's dead. Presley has gone away. I've got a magazine article I want to show you. It had rained and snowed. I told him a few jokes. She was such a beautiful girl that everybody turned to look at her as she passed.

Everything is quiet. We're not the bad guys. Which countries have you visited? The cold wind cut me to the bone. The ideas of great thinkers are always warped with the passage of time. We never meant to harm you. We haven't heard this news. Vernon, maybe you would like to begin. We discussed a wide range of topics.

Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the bus stop?

Children grow up so quickly. There is a curious crowd on both sides of the avenue. Knut is either at home or at work.

We can't call him as a witness. Sanjeev is a native of Boston. Competent people need not apply. I have no time to watch TV. I think Suresh is trying to trick us. They brought dinner. I think I hurt her feelings.

I'm melancholic. We have two lessons in the afternoon. It is the longest in the world.

I can do nothing with this naughty boy. How much do you bet?

The roulette is not only about luck. I've had a real bad day. Malaclypse kept laughing. They might not know what to do, but they're not stupid. The very next day after the departure of it's friend, it felt lonely. The princess was eaten by the shark. His joke set the company off into a fit of laughter.

I'm only going to say this once, so you'd better listen carefully. Why didn't you let me know you were in New York? Your brother needs help.

I want you to talk to me. Nobody can stop him. Lloyd was frightened and didn't want to be left alone. Even three centuries ago, most Western Europeans still used their fingers.